Laid Back Ranch

“Breeding American History”

We at Laid Back Ranch, LLC. like to conduct ourselves the way we like our horns, Laid Back. We thoroughly enjoy raising Texas Longhorn cattle and feel that they become apart of you over time. All the hours spent building fence, haying, vaccinating, breaking ice etc. is worth it when you’re standing on your deck looking at the beautiful cattle out in your pasture.

Laid Back ranch chose to invest in Texas Longhorn due to the array of colors, horn size/shapes, healthy beef qualities, hardiness and calving ease. We strive to breed an all-around animal. We want color to catch the attention of experienced breeders and longhorn novices alike, the horn to rival the best breeders in the industry and the size and beef qualities to make Angus ranchers respect the breed.

We are fully dedicated to the Texas Longhorn breed and to breeding top notch genetics within the industry.

We have an open barn policy, please contact the ranch for a visit or with any questions.

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