Why Choose Texas Longhorn?

Texas Longhorns enjoy significant genetic and breeding advantages over other breeds of commercial cattle, and have been long celebrated as one of the hardiest and most reliable breeding cattle in the United States. Longhorns are the perfect cattle to start a ranch with, or to cross breed with your current stock to ensure the best of both worlds. A mild, docile nature and ability to adapt to surroundings makes them perfect for any region, and their beef texture and marbling makes them a highly desirable.


Texas Longhorn are some of the longest living commercial cattle on the planet, and regularly live well into their late teens and 20s. With robust frames and sturdy legs and hooves, they are able to stay mobile throughout their entire life span, and are usually good breeders and birthers into their late teens as well. The ability to resist many common bovine born diseases and parasites makes the Longhorn an incredibly easy to breed and ranch cow.


Texas Longhorn have excellent fertility rates, along with high live birth percentages. It is common for Longhorn cattle to have live calving percentages of 99% or higher. Longhorn bulls also have significantly higher live semen counts than other breeds making insemination much more likely during breeding. An example of this fertility came from Alberta, Canada where, in 1876, 1,000 Longhorns were introduced from a Texas ranch. Twelve years later that herd had grown naturally to 40,000 head. Obviously, strong fertility traits are incredibly important for commercial cattle ranchers, and can ensure that you have a very viable herd with only a few breeding longhorns in the pasture.

Ease of Breeding

Not only are they very fertile, but the Texas Longhorn are extremely easy breeders, with low birth weights and large brith canals, making for a stress free birth and helping ensure the health of both the calf and mother. Additionally, Longhorn cows are excellent milkers after birth, and because of the low stress of the birthing process, are able to be rebred much sooner than other cattle breeds.

Friendly and Docile Nature

Longhorn Cattle are incredibly docile by nature, and as long as a longhorn is well treated during it's life, it will remain friendly, inquisitive and gentle well into old age. There are many exampled of saddle broken steers giving rides to children and being ridden in shows. Several nationally recognized Texas Longhorn breeders make it a point to saddle break their bulls, to improve temperament and assist in the measuring, feeding and general day to day operations of the ranch. No other breed of commercial cattle is as well behaved or as friendly with humans and other cattle as the Longhorn.


Longhorn ranches exist in nearly every part of North America, mostly because Longhorn cows are incredibly adaptability to climate and feed. They have ben known to survive both the heat of the American Southwest and the cold of Canadian winters, and are able to live on any number of grass and 'substandard' fare. Their ability to endure normally difficult conditions, while being abel to grazer on whatever is available in the pasture makes the Longhorn an easy to raise and ideal commercial cattle breed.

Excellent Immune Systems

Longhorn cattle are some fo the heartiest and most robust animals in North America, with legendary immune systems that keep them healthy where other breeds would be debilitated. They are also highly resistant to stress related diseases like foot-rot, pink eye and shipping fever, and when they do take ill, it is usually a much milder case than other breeds suffer. This hearty constitution is a genetic trait, and can be crossbred into other cows, resulting in a herd that is easy to care for and raise commercially.

Parasite resistance

It's not only illness that Longhorn cattle are able to avoid, as they also have genetic predisposition to resist parasites. Thick, bristly hair and extra wax in their ears ward off flies, ticks, gnats and lice, as the same for their udders, both typically areas sensitive to parasites. They are also resistant to other common pests, like screwworm and blowfly, and have been known to kill parasites simply by standing in water and drowning them. Smart, resistant and general stoutness make the Longhorn and ideal commercial cattle, and ensures that they are easy to maintain and care for.

Longhorn cattle are some of the strongest and most resilient cattle commercially available to American Ranchers, and the cows raised at Laid Back Ranch are no exception. Just because we know they're strong and healthy doesn't mean with cut corners, with regular health and maintenance efforts and the most modern breeding techniques to ensure a healthy and happy birthing process. But we stand by each and every member of the Laid back Ranch herd, as healthy, friendly and good natured as a Longhorn cow can come.

Stop by the ranch today to see for yourself, and we guarantee that you'll fall in love the with Longhorned breed just like we did. Ideal cattle for showing or ranching commercially, theres no better cow to raise ON YOUR RANCH than the Texas Longhorn raised at Laid Back ranch.

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