About Laid Back Ranch

Welcome to Laid Back Ranch, located in Northwest Ohio, where we are striving to breed the total package animal. Not only do we love these colorful big horned cattle, but we also have a great appreciation for conformation and size in general.

Laid Back Ranch, LLC was started in 2013 after owner Gregory Kott saw a picture of a World Champion Longhorn Bull. It was his vision to look out the window and see a similarly incredible animal in his own backyard. He purchased a 50 acre farm in Swanton, Ohio and started building from scratch the ranch he envisioned. Always a work in progress, he invested in the highest quality cattle and the best pasture and fence available. For more information about our pasture and fence, please click here. (this would be a hyperlink to another page that briefly talks about the pasture and fence, shows a few pictures, an aerial view of the ranch, and a video of the cows going through the working shoots to demonstrate how low stress the working area is. The following paragraph will also be included on that page: At Laid Back Ranch, the cattle are well maintained and looked after daily. They have shelter from the elements and 5 different grazing pastures. The functional working area features sheet metal alleyways to keep stress low for the animals resulting in easy handling and safe operation.)

Our goal at LBR is to improve on the already legendary status of the Texas Longhorn. With all the genetics out there and options available, we are on our way to creating a uniformed and highly desirable animal all the way around. Gaining knowledge from his ranch hands and fellow peers in the cattle industry, Greg continues to research the breed and grow his passion for these cattle. He is a true cattleman at heart and is focused on producing nothing but the best. Please enjoy a look at our website and feel free to contact us regarding the available cattle and any other questions you may have. And as always, we hope you have a Laid Back day!

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